: Friday 5 - Staples

>> Friday, March 5, 2010

1. Of all the hundreds of sizes and shapes bread seems to come in, what is your favorite?
~ Gardenia loaf in Raisin or Choco Flavor

2. What’s your favorite thing to eat with rice?
~ I love pork sinigang (pork in stew with tamarind extract, eggplant, string beans, gabi, radish, okra and some spices

3. What are your feelings about milk?
~ I love drinking milk mixed with a little coffee in the morning to perk up my mood and to relax my senses, makes me complete

4. What was wrapped in the tortilla you most recently ate?
~ Lettuce, Mayo, Cheese, Chicken bits.

5. How many staplers are there in your house and where are they?
~ We have 2 staplers at home. Both are blue in colors.

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