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>> Monday, February 15, 2010

This month which started as a very cold month suddenly starts to give out hotter days. It’s still cold sometimes in the night and dawn but the varying change of temperature makes us all prone to sickness. I maintained my kids’ intake of ascorbic acid to protect them from getting sick and I’m glad it’s working on them. They like the chewable type because they can take it easily even while mobile. I also convinced DH to take his ascorbic acid everyday because I’ve noticed that he’s getting colds and cough very often now.

I’m just glad that taking care of my family when they’re sick doesn’t make me sick also. Maybe it’s my natural ascorbic acid that’s giving me high level of protection. I get it from eating vitamin-enriched fruits and veggies just like when I was pregnant several years ago when I take prenatal vitamins and eat healthy foods like fruit, vegetables and fish to keep me strong and healthy.


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