Gained Weight Through The Years

>> Saturday, February 27, 2010

I had an enjoyable night with high school batch mates. I came to see all batches of my alumni high school from the 60’s up to the younger generations. Actually we didn’t notice some as we’re so busy with our own batch mates. I think we’re the noisiest there as some other keeps on staring at us. Well most alumni especially ladies have gained pounds and you’ll have to be so familiar with them to recognize at once.

For our batch we’ve seen half of us last December in our Silver Anniversary and though most are quite on the large size we’re thankful that we don’t need weight loss surgery Mexico now. We can resort to other ways of losing weight like proper food diet plan, plenty of exercise minutes and the most important thing in dieting which is discipline. You can’t do all your plans of shedding off excess pounds without proper discipline. Control and discipline are two of the tested logical ways of losing weight.


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