Courtesy and Predictive Dialers to Help your Outbound Calls

>> Friday, February 12, 2010

I’ve worked for six years with telecommunications company and during those years I’ve learned a lot about inbound and outbound call management. The company was involved in both inbound and outbound and we always have a need for equipment to sustain our requirements. We’re not only using it but we’re also into wholesale distribution. That’s part of our many products and services which we provide in line with our usual wholesale termination. Telecommunication is a vast area where you can find and offer specific products depending on the customer needs regarding direct inward dialing, cheap international call access, prepaid international calls, unlimited calling from point to point areas and many others.

Well just for outbound call management I know that the best way to deliver good service is through the use of USAN Dialers which provides its customers lower cost of outbound call services through automation. It offers courtesy and predictive dialers which are both very useful to customers when they need to know information and for more high levels of outbound calling. USAN made it possible for Courtesy dialers to provide high technology features which greatly help clients get all the information they need. They can also easily communicate with agents when the need arises.

On the other hand they provide Predictive dialer services for those customers who need to manage the quantity of call in ratio with service agents. It’s the right one for call centers who definitely need advanced services and solutions to high operational costs. With their products’ detection features there are no missed calls from the agents as they will be connected to people and not just answering machines. They have a lot of benefits but the most important things are the reduced call-center costs and the superior results in sales.


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