Quit Vices and Be Health Conscious!

>> Tuesday, January 12, 2010

As I grow older I’m getting health conscious as they say sickness can easily make you look and feel older. Also the more you increase your age the more we’re susceptible to deadly disease that resulted from our bad eating habits and wrong lifestyle. I have a relative that suffered from lung sickness because of too much alcohol and it retained in my memory that alcohol can damage our health severely. I usually cringe when I see teenagers smoking and drinking as I know every single cigarette and alcoholic drinks that they take decreases their life span and make them susceptible to lung cancer. It’s sad to think that vices are something that some people can’t cut in their lives even if it means dangers in their health.

Often people tend to care for their health and body when they experienced painful times in the hospital which is most of the times too late for bodies developed some cysts or deadly sickness when it’s abused. What’s alarming is that most people who suffered from lung cancer don’t smoke but been exposed to a group of smokers. It’s proven that exposure is sometimes dangerous than if you’re the one who’s smoking. This is a pity as the smokers are endangering not just their lives but the lives of other people as well.

As I’m contemplating on my last sentence I thought of the children and babies who have no choice if their parents are smokers as they have a big chance of having this kind of cancer. Well it’s another thing when it comes to heart as this organ is one of the most vital and delicate organ in our bodies. Many people suffer from cardiac arrest without so much idea of the severity of their sickness. If this sickness is detected at an early stage there are big chances of recovering as CVTSA provides the safest most reliable and efficient treatment care to cardiac patients. With cardiac surgery performed by cardiac surgeons and nurses there many patients experienced fast recovery. Many of the operations performed are heart transplant, lung transplant, robotic surgery and many others. We should really try to watch what we’re eating and drinking and try not to have vices as it will give you sickness when you grow older.


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