New Flooring for Our House

>> Saturday, January 30, 2010

My sister and I were talking about our renovation plans in the house which we started last year. We finished two projects and while she’s taken over the finishing grills of our gate I decided to take charge of the garden which I’m very fond of doing. The place was intended for my meat products shop but since I don’t have time to start a small business yet I’m going to turn the place into a small garden with Bermuda or Carabao grass.

I have plenty of garden ideas now since I’ve consulted my brother-in-law who knows a lot about garden landscaping. Back to our renovation plans we decided to prioritize our tile flooring after our present project because our vinyl flooring suffered damages after the flood. That flooring has served us for several years already and it’s about time to replace it with new tiles. Our house is a bit spacious and that means big budget to cover for the new tiles. Well no worries as we still have several months before we implement this one.


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