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>> Monday, January 25, 2010

I used to have collections of many sorts when I was a child. I collect stamps from my godparents in Spain, California and other parts of the world. I collect stationeries of Sanrio and other cute items. They’re all my collections when I was in my young teens’ period but the only collection that I have until now are my photos and old coins. It somehow reminisce my childhood days with my playmates and siblings. The coin collection started with my Mom’s old coin which she gave to me for keepsake and I got excited over it that starting on that day I keep some old coins for my collection when the government replaced them with new ones.

Sometimes there are buyers roaming around our place and tried to coax me to Sell Gold Coins from my collections but I can’t part with them even if they offer a high price. I’m glad that my precious old coins appreciate its value over the years but the thought of selling them now is not open to me. I keep telling myself that it’s also an investment that if things get tough I’ll have something to sell or have fall back.

Well for those who are not so sentimental as I am and want to get the most cash from your collections you can Sell Gold to If you sell your gold coins you will not only earn money but you can help protect our planet as well. is an eco-friendly refinery that buys old coins and refines precious metal scrap items for other usage thus minimizing mining and the risk of environmental hazard. You can also Sell Jewelry collection of yours that’s not of fashion anymore or those that have broken chains. Well sometimes we want to remove our old jewelries that have gone out of style or occupying your jewelry case for too long. Some people don’t want to have too much jewelry to keep and just want the new ones. For whatever reasons you may have you can make money from it and buy new investment. You can visit their site now and make the most cash money out of your collections.


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