Feeling Dizzy

>> Monday, January 18, 2010

I’ve been feeling bad this morning and maybe this is due to my PMS, I’m just writing some posts but will rest later. Just can’t focus when my head is aching and eyes are itching. I was hoping early this day that I’ll be able to finish my workload but dizziness prevents me from doing too much work. Mom is telling me to give myself a break for at least two hours to nap, rest and relax but I’ll stop when I reached my own quota of work because I don’t want doing work on deadlines it gives me a lot of pressure. While I’m looking for some ways to lessen my headache my niece is asking me some tips on getting rid of blackheads because she has two on her face and it ruins her flawless face complexion. Teenagers are really a handful sometimes that they can’t seem to have proper timing. Oh well I guess she really needs some attention now, she’s giving me too many questions.


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