He's Enough to Make Me Feel Better!

>> Monday, December 7, 2009

I’m feeling a little bit dizzy after last night’s overnight. I had few tasks to finish and when I’ve submitted them all I realized that I had less than an hour to sleep before my regular waking time. I decided to continue with my work and deprived myself of sleep because in less than one hour I have to cook and assist my girls before their service picks them up. I’m an early riser and if I worked up to 3am my desire to sleep will vanish. So it’s before 3am or not to sleep. I decided on the latter that’s why I’m dizzy but still I can’t sleep.

To forget about my not so good feeling of dizziness and nausea I went to grocery and market near Josh’ school and just before they finish their school time I was there outside his room waiting for him. He’s surprised and happy that I’m there, also with some of his fave foods and drinks. That's how I remedied my sickness, just a smile from my baby is enough to make me feel better :-)


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