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>> Thursday, December 24, 2009

As we’re heading to our church camp meeting in Cavite we checked all sections and corners of the house for safe precautions just in case we miss electrical plugs or phones currently charging. Anyway it’s not as if there’s nobody in the house for the long holidays as there will be some family members that will stay in our house while we’re away. We just want to assure ourselves that we’re leaving the house safe and sound. Everything is fine and in good condition because we just had some renovation in the house and my brother’s workers checked everything that need repairs. The renovation includes our bathroom which is more like a construction as it’s so bare. Another project that we had is our fences and gates which was destroyed because of the recent road widening.

We’re happy with the results because the workers who worked for us seem very well concentrated on doing a very nice job. What I like most on the past few weeks’ work was our bathroom renovation as this part of the house is really important and can give you so much comfort. Before the renovation I’ve browsed online for some ideas and I’m glad that I’ve found which provides selection of BathroomSuite, furniture, shower systems, fixtures and more. They’re now offering great deals on their stock clearance sale of bathroom suites and they give 20% off on bathroom tiles upon purchase of their bathroom suite. Wow that’s really quite a deal and for a quality product. Anyway our bathroom is still on the finishing touches and I could add some nice furnishings from them!


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