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>> Friday, October 16, 2009

I have tons of online work to do plus the new domain that I’ve been working on but my offline tasks won’t have doing them first. No matter how many tasks I’ll have to do it’s sad to think that writing posts is of second priority as I need some documents notarized, need to attend parents’ meeting, need to check my bank account and many other things. I wasn’t actually expecting that working at home can really be a test on my skills on time scheduling.

It’s alright for the time scheduling as I can do all these work fast but by the time I’m through with the errands and finished with my school check on my kids I feel tired and I can’t work much less write reviews. Oftentimes I do all my works at night when I’m relaxed enough to think of worthwhile things to say. It’s ok even though this week has given less sleeping hours as long as I’m able to attend to my kids and beat my tasks’ due dates.


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