Shopping for My New Project

>> Thursday, October 29, 2009

It’s only now that I had the time to browse my blogs and somehow write some posts and do my online tasks. I’ve been out most of the morning with my brother to buy all necessary things for my new bathroom project. Big Bro (Kuya) brought me to Federal Lumber where we choose from among its various designs and styles of floor tiles, complete bathroom packages with bowl, soap/tissue holders, lavatory, shower sets and many others. I really didn’t know that it has plenty of accessories and fittings.

I’m awed with their supplies that I canvassed floor tiles for our next house projects. We’re canvassing and looking for big floor tiles because it will surely accentuate our spacious house floors. Josh was with me and as young as he is he seemed more occupied than us. He looked at the small accessories and suggested some to my brother. He even put a nice item in the basket which we don’t need at present. Anyway I always love shopping for home accessories sometimes better than shopping for my things


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