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>> Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I love shopping especially when my favorite items are on discounted rates. Almost every girl does love it and it became almost a hobby for most of us. For busy mothers like me it’s more convenient when we do it online. Lately shopping online has become a preferred choice among shoppers as it’s not only convenient buying goods in the comfort of your home but having the means of finding some really good bargain deals along the way.

I’ve been a frugal shopper most of the times because I don’t want to spend my hard-earned money on goods that are not needed. But sometimes I splurge on shopping for goods occasionally on a whim if I spotted some hot deals like when I did when I explored Buxr, a place for bargain hunters like me. They’ll make your shopping fun as you’ll get to avail of the hot deals without hurting your budget. That’s what I like buying without affecting my budget allocation.

Well I love gadgets and small techy items and I found plenty at the bargain deals offered by Buxr. It’s a cool site and made even better by their exciting contests, just submit or vote deals and you’re in. You can also share it on your site and earn something from sharing, really cool isn’t it? Imagine you shop and you save some bucks then you share and earn commission.


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