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>> Saturday, October 24, 2009

I went over to Josh’ school the other day to arrange his special exam schedule for second periodical test. I brought Josh medical certificate and asked for his possible exam schedule. Teacher Joan scheduled it yesterday. They can’t give him schedule next week because their last day will be on their Costume/Halloween party. Anyway I also want him to finish all exams this week so we don’t have to worry about it next week.

It’s been a very busy week for me attending particularly to my son’s every need. During his sickness he wants me to be always near or beside him because he’s not feeling well then. Well these busy weeks have done some favor on me as a parent of Josh’ classmate asked me if I lost some pounds as I look a little slimmer than before. The last time she saw me was a month ago. Thanks to my lunch and dinner fruit dessert it’s making wonder on me that I didn’t have to think of diet supplements for now.

Know what I’m taking for my desserts? I’m eating 2-3 slices of fresh pineapple, papaya and citrus fruit. Sometimes for variation I replace papaya and citrus with banana and mango but not pineapple as it’s my favorite everyday fruit. I don’t only get vitamins from it but high fiber content as well which is perfect for burning bad cholesterol. It’s also cheaper than other fruits so there’s no worry about affordability. Well for those who can’t eat fruits you can always consult your doctor what to do.


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