Car Allowances for Account Executives

>> Monday, October 12, 2009

I’ve worked for a small telco company which offers affordable termination calls to corporate and DID to private individuals in US. I was in-charge of accounting and mainly of billing and collection. We deal with local and international clients and we hire marketing staff to offer our services. These staff will look for prospective clients locally and when they have signed an agreement they will start with demo and test period. They have a quota of closed accounts for the month so they do their best to look for clients.

These account executives or marketing assistants were given reimbursements for their travel costs. When they have their own personal cars they were given Car Allowance which they can used for official business or office transactions. It’s a lot of help for them as they really have many travels and trips everyday. There are some rules regarding how much and when to reimburse and they have to follow in order to get their allowances.

Well for me it’s just right to set rules on giving allowances such as this but it’s better to get the services of consultants like Corporate Reimbursement Services, Inc. to help in customizing programs for employees. The program should benefit both the employer and the employee. Of course rates will vary depending on the current gas prices, tax, actual business miles run for the period and some other conditions.

Since creating a good database reimbursement program for employees takes time CRS comes very helpful with their vehicle reimbursement system which helps the client in customizing vehicle reimbursements and saves a lot in the cost of purchasing and issuing a car for employees. Well let’s just leave those things to the experts!


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