Browout Rotation

>> Friday, October 9, 2009

Sis called me from her office and informed me of the power interruption schedule which would last until Monday. We were monitoring power because we need our cable fixes and if the cable’s technician arrived at the wrong time he wouldn’t be able to fix it if there’s no power. It’s a little disturbing on our part as we have just enjoying electricity after almost a week’s brownout. I’ve been running after connection and power ever since the storm stopped. After the fire in Taytay Rizal’s (next town to us) power plant electricity was on and off that’s why people and even companies are complaining now.

So now we’ll have 4 hours rotational brownout in Pasig, Eastern Rizal and some other parts of Metro Manila. That’s not enough to finish all my online tasks and some household works that need power but it’s fair enough as long as they follow their schedule.


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