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>> Friday, September 18, 2009

Since My Mom undergone a cataract operation we never let her do any of the tasks at home save for a few hobby she used to do. She wants to maintain her gardening which is limited to watering her flowering and ornamental plants and some maintenance check on her blooms. She didn’t have to worry about anything as I’ve resigned from my job and now working at home so I can run errands for her whenever she needs some things accomplished. Because my Mom was used to doing things like cooking and teaching my kids we allow her to continue doing the tutorial to my kids because it’s a part of her being, that of being a teacher.

Aside from this she has nothing to do except relax, watch TV and enjoy being with Josh, her favorite companion. Sometimes she takes some time checking on our apartments and her tenants who became so close to our family. She checked on them every now and then if they need anything or if they need advices on caring for their newborn baby. That’s my Mom, she’s a very good mother, grandmother and a senior adviser to a lot of our friends.


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