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>> Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My friend JennyL introduced me to blogging one summer day in 2007 when I was looking for an outlet to my search for the right work for me. I have a stable job for 15 years straight and I’ve rounded up all fields of work with the same employer handling technical proposal, administration, accounting supervision, human resources, credit and collection and international carrier settlement. Inspite of the great difference of these job duties to my college degree I learned the craft and work through my employer’s belief that I can learn everything that he assigned to me.

After 15 years of staying in the company and manage to balance all my works with my responsibilities I still felt incomplete. I want to do something that inspires me and through my friend I started writing in a blog. From the moment that I started making my own site all my near depressions in my work vanished, I once again felt inspiration running through my spine. Office life robbed me of excitement and when I entered blogging I feel coming back to my first love which is writing.

I entered the world of blogging with so much inspiration in my heart, for once in my life I was able to share through writing my thoughts, my family and a part of my life. It is then that I met a lot of online friends and somehow showed the real me. I started out with free web hosting but later found the need and desire to have my own domain and searched for the right webhosts that will perfectly fit my requirements. It was not an easy task to do but I was advised of some guidelines to follow when choosing a web host so I finally had my own domain with a very good host to support my site. You’ll never know the host capacity if you will not read reviews or research about these things.

Well about knowing things to consider in looking for the best web host you can visit WpDesigner site. They select top 10 hosts and list their price, reliability, ease-of-use, server-up time, control panel and customer support to help readers choose from among their lists. I was glad to note that my host is in their top ten lists. They’re a big help to all those interested to have a web host but don’t know how to choose.


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