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>> Friday, September 11, 2009

Josh had his birthday last week and we had a nice time celebrating it in the mall where hubby works. We chose to go to his place of work for his convenience and we save his time traveling just to be with us. We rounded up the new Sky Dome in SM North and we had our dinner when we’re all tired from playing in the arcade, strolling the new sky garden and many other activities mostly by the birthday celebrants.

The next day the kids were still excited from the previous day out and planning to have another outing but this time they want another location, probably an outdoor place where they run, play and have some picnic in a vast area. Well as the sun is sometimes scorching when it gets to shine I should bring some protection for my kids in their outdoor picnic. As the sun will have some harmful effects on my kids I prefer them to wear hats and glasses just in case the sun chose to shine the whole day.

Short of time to look elsewhere but online I’m glad to find some really helpful ideas from baby banz products that will help protect my kids’ sensitive skin. I found some nice hats, caps and glasses that would do well with our outdoor travel and picnic. I know that with the products’ special UV protection it will keep my kids protected from the harmful UV rays of the sun. I know we’ll enjoy the outing.


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