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>> Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I’ve been employed in many companies and it’s often easy for me to be accepted when they see my credentials. Actually I don’t apply for the highest positions in IT as I’m just the regular employee with medium level skills in computer. What I’m trying to say is the employers see great potentials in applicants when they see that they have computer education and training because they foresee that the company will benefit from the applicant’s skills.

Many of us know that almost all private and public offices depend now on office automation in almost all departments. It’s in this situation that they particularly select those who have knowledge and skills in computer operations. I’ve been involved in hiring people and administration and to our company it’s a plus factor if we hire computer-skilled personnel to use our high technology gadgets and computers. It’s always been easy to hire people who will be trained on minimal instructions.

I have many friends who consult me every time they apply for certain jobs and I always tell those who are not computer literate that enrolling in computer training courses will help them get better employment. It’s a big advantage for applicants as they can apply on a wider range of positions. I remember one time when we needed a switchboard operator in our international bank client we have two trainees that undergone a 3-day try out training. The person who has the knowledge in computer operations did well but the other who lack computer skills didn’t make it to pass the training. Even if the job only requires a good-toned and pleasant voice to answer the phone the system the bank is using needed an operator with adept computer knowledge to easily adjust with the computerized system in switchboard operations.

It’s really an advantage isn’t it? Now if you want to be proficient and skilled in computer operations but your time is limited you can enroll in K Alliance. It’s the next best thing to your dream of becoming an IT or attain the qualification that most companies are looking for. K Alliance offers online training courses you can use for business or office applications like Microsoft Office, Windows Vista and Accounting Softwares. Actually they provide a wide variety of online training courses such as IT Training, Desktop Office, Soft Skills and Certification Training. Now your dream will no longer be a dream as enrolling with K Alliance will help you attain your goals.


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