I Love Rewards!

>> Thursday, September 17, 2009

Yesterday I brought along my son Josh when I went to my former office to be with my friend’s birthday there and to get some important documents for my car. That’s the first that I brought Josh and he was glad to see my officemates in 2 companies that I worked for. He actually met my senior boss and the latter smiled at seeing him for the first time. I never had a habit of bringing my kids to office because I’m always full of work when I’m still working. After sometime we headed to our weekly bible study in Kamias but stopped at shopping mall to buy him a gift watch and black shoes.

I checked on my cash and found that I have to withdraw some cash in my ATM card to pay for Josh’ items but I realized we’re going to be late so I just used my credit card to pay for his shoes. I’ll just pay it on my free time as I don’t want to accumulate debt on my credit card, I’m a disciplined card holder now.

That’s the convenience of having credit card you can have the mobility and ease of paying your purchases. I don’t actually using it frequently because I prefer debit card but I used it yesterday because I remember that rewards credit cards company has been giving out some freebies and privileges for those with accumulated reward points. I’m counting on my reward points and thinking about how I’m going to use it. I really love freebies, discounts and rewards!


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