10 Bad Habits I Can’t Break

>> Tuesday, September 8, 2009


There are such things that no matter how you try to avoid or eliminate from your system you just can't seem to avoid like these 10 Bad Habits I Can't Break

1. Trusting too much on people, it sometimes gets me into trouble, lucky that I always come out unscratched

2. Getting frustrated on doing important things unplanned, I always plan important travels and occasion.

3. Buying clothes and not wearing some of them ... saving them when I'm one size smaller :-)

4. Staying up late doing online works

5. Tasks that reached due dates, I always tell myself to do it one day ahead of deadlines

6. Getting late on some appointment because of very hectic schedule, can't seem to fit all my activities in one day :-)

7. Getting hooked on visiting blogs and reading posts that I run out of time for my other online works.

8. Being lazy to type text message on cellphones, I'm good in texting using chikka because I'm good at typing in keyboard

9. Being lazy to go out and process documents needed for my continuing membership in some govt. entities.

10. Getting upset if things don't work out the way I want them to be, I'm trying to get rid of this bad habit, been praying for it and I know God will help me.


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