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>> Saturday, August 29, 2009

I’ve worked for a telco company and on one of our project bids on one of the asian companies the client wanted our candidates to have IT certifications on the positions bidded for. It was a hard task for me as only 10% of our staff has the certifications they require for a winning assurance on the bid. That was the time that I became aware of these IT certification things. I’m also an IT graduate but several years of work have shifted my work experience from computer specialization to accounting and administration. Even so I’m always updating myself on the latest trends and things on Information Technology because it’s already in my system.

Further studies to update yourself on your graduated course or advancing to a different field of study take time, effort and a sizeable amount of money. But if further studies will upgrade your employment or will land you a good paying job why not? There are some schools like ccna boot camp who will ensure you of a broad IT learning skills that will make you competitive in the chosen IT field. CCNA Boot Camp provides a good quality training program that will lead you to get a certification that will qualify you to a lot of better IT job opportunities. Their camp facilities are the best place to study with equipment that will help you learn fast and gain skills. After you’ve finished your program with them you’ll be assured to earn and passed that Cisco Certified Network Associate certification you aimed for.


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