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>> Monday, August 24, 2009

Start of the work week once again and I remember when I was still working in my office I sometimes call this day a manic monday. You see when you're working in an office it's the most stressful day starting from traffic up to office works and Friday is relaxing day because it's the last day of the work week! Now I don't to worry about it anymore as I'm working at home hmmm just love it!

Got this from Bes blog and I'm joining now!

1. Disguised :: alias
2. Big wheel :: construction delivery truck
3. Irritating :: when people are making gossips
4. Care :: when i prepare special menu for my family
5. Grandpa :: rest in peace
6. Shooting :: can be dangerous
7. Sunglasses :: protection from glaring sun
8. Stampede :: sudden running for exit due to panic
9. Painstakingly :: conscientiously
10. Terrible position :: lying in bed without pillow after a caesarean operation and not being able to stand for about 20 hours

You can join us at
Unconscious Mutterings


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