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>> Saturday, August 1, 2009

I remember few years ago when I used to save my files on diskettes, one problem about diskette is that you can only save up to 1MB plus. Great that CD’s and DVD’s were launched to market which enables the user to save up to 700MB in CD or more in DVD. Even though you can save bulk file in compact disk you have to burn files to store multiple and big capacity files and you have to have a writer in order to do that.

Now modern technology has the capacity of having the convenience of diskettes wherein you can save file immediately and more than the capacity of compact disks in one very useful tool called flash drive which offers big storage for your documents, files, pictures and videos. You can actually store movies in it. It’s very useful and trendy too as almost every PC user has it. I for one have two flash drives in my bag always. As a blogger and a novice photographer I want my current files and pictures with me wherever I go so I store them on my usb drive.

But sometimes the problem with it is if you have the same brand and color with others there’s a possibility of mixed up drives so I want a Personalized Jump Drive for me to prevent that thing. Yes it’s now available in the market and even online. I just browsed a site that offers one. There are varieties when it comes to colors and material, you know some user s want wood, others like it in metal case and many others. You’ll be satisfied with their available colors and materials. I want a leather case for my own Personalized Flash Drive with just my nickname on it. That would be elegant to look at and beautiful also, perfect for my leather organizer.


Nunu Nursyamsi August 2, 2009 at 9:17 PM  

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