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>> Saturday, July 25, 2009

One of my favorite hobbies is reading books and aside from playing ball games it’s one of the things that I love doing to relieve stress. It’s been my hobby since I was 12 but for now I’m fond of reading articles on the net as most of my time were spent doing online writing. It’s easier for me to read online especially before when I was working full-time in a telecoms company. I devote my lunch break doing some browsing and reading on the net.

I’ve sacrificed my break time into having lunch at minimal time and spending the rest of it reading books online. That way I learned many things and that inspired me to write more inspirational posts. It helped me a lot and I’ll never stop this habit as I feel so good doing it. During my free time away from my computer I still read some books to learn, relax and be informed.


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