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>> Monday, July 20, 2009

It’s hard to limit your food or follow your diet plan when you’re working because the moment you feel stressed and pressured you have a tendency to eat what’s available. Well that goes for me and I know my officemates suffer the same dilemma as mine. What really bothers me is the effect of bad eating habit to my body as we all know excess pounds on your body placed some risks on your health.

I know I should be serious on my diet plan that’s why I started reading some diet pills review to help me acquaint with available remedy for my problem. Of course I should consult my doctor before taking any of them but for now I’ll just discipline myself on my new eating program and that’s eating the right kind of food. I will not skip my meals just to be thin but instead I’ll eat more of fruits, vegetables and fish. Hope I’ll change next month. Wishes!


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