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>> Saturday, May 30, 2009

I found this personality quiz interesting by the mere fact that it tackles about your mission in life. It seems a very serious topic but upon answering all the questions I find it very interesting. Well you also try this test and see for yourself. I had mine and here's the result:

You Are the Leader

You are inspiring and uplifting. You bring out the best in people, through both nurturing and challenging them.

You always can see the big picture in life. You are very philosophical and deeply spiritual.

You understand people, and you can look at their lives objectively. You can help others grow and heal.

People feel comforted by your presence. You help them gain perspective on their lives.

What's Your Life's Mission?

Actually the result is so like me, it defines my personality well enough. I'm really fascinated by quizzes like these because most of the times they're true!


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