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>> Friday, April 3, 2009

I chanced upon Lisa, a relative very close to our family and she silently whispered to me that the husband of our auntie who used to be very healthy and strong now has been diagnosed to have colon cancer. I was a bit shocked as I’ve seen him months ago and I didn’t notice any trace of sickness on him. In fact I’m planning to ask him if he could do some work on our glass windows, he’s a glass specialist and we want him to do the job for us.

Lisa told me that he didn’t know that he has colon cancer; he just assumed that he has some trouble with his stomach; he actually thought its only ulcer. After I have recovered from mixed feelings of shock and worry I remembered the sites I browsed about colon cleanse and I immediately suggested that they consult their doctor about this for a chance that it might help him. I’m just busy now with nursing my Mom after her cataract operation but after these busy weeks I’ll check on them if they’ve already consulted it with their doctor.


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