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>> Sunday, February 15, 2009

Feels younger! Know why? 'Coz hubby gave me pink roses. Ever since he courted me up to the time when we got married and had three kids he's always giving me white roses. White roses are my favorites not only because I love the scent or the looks but the meaning of the flower as well. It's for me a sign of 'purity and worthy of love' and when I asked for a sign from God if Ed is really the one for me white roses has been an instrument in it! Sounds childish but true :-) you know when you're in love you sound like corny but true :-)

When he gave me pink roses I felt younger, the time when I'm beginning to see some white hairs on my head! Maybe our age are just adding up but we're still the same people who fell in love couple of years ago. I'm beginning to think that the song 'kahit maputi na ang buhok ko' really happened on some couples, that people can really be so romantic even after many years of marriage.

In this time and age of short relationships some couples can still fight for their love to survive and be contented with each other. What's the secret? It's got to be 'putting God in the center of your love and relationship'. Trials and problems are always there to test your love but God will be there also to help you conquer all.


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