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>> Thursday, February 5, 2009

I love wearing watches since I was in my fourth grade and father used to give me nice ones because he knows that would make me happy. I’m not so fond of wearing other jewelries because it’s too girly for me. I want to look as simple as possible then because even as a child I’m basically uncomplicated! Watches for me are a human’s best accessory because we all defend on time on majority of our activities. We need to know the time to go to school, to our work and for some to monitor shows on television like the folks who watched telenovelas.

When mobile phones became so popular that it’s more a necessity now than luxury I sometimes leave my watch at home because I don’t to carry much when I go to work. I just want to wear my ring and glasses because I ride on a public vehicle and I might bump on bad elements, I’ve already experienced that so to avoid repeat occurrence I only wear essentials. My flair for watches returned now when I saw Ulysse Nardin model watches. I’m browsing some specials there and finally liked one or two of their featured models. Cute and simple!


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