His Birthday!

>> Thursday, January 22, 2009

It’s my hubby’s birthday today but we’ve celebrated it last Sunday at the church joining his birthday with Gen. We cooked pancit bihon and canton and just had it with bread and soft drinks. It was a simple birthday but celebrated happily with all our brethren present because it’s Sunday. We have a habit in our church to celebrate each birthday with cooked pancit, spaghetti, lomi, sopas or anything that will feed us all lol! We just served this with cakes, biko or bread and presto we’ll feast on it. If the celebrant don’t have enough money we chipped in to raise needed amount, that’s how we do it just to make the birthday celebration happy.

Today he planned to buy pancit for his co-employees in Automatic Center but instead bought lechon manok to save time and effort in picking up pancit. For us we’ll just have dinner near the place where we works and will bring something for the kids as the place was too far for them to travel at night. Anyway we’ve already celebrated it last Sunday so they just told us to buy birthday cake. They really love cakes!


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