Lunch With Jen

>> Saturday, November 15, 2008

Had lunch with Bes JennyL today as an advance birthday celebration. Actually she scheduled shopping today on Greenhills to buy some things for herself. Since I will not make it tomorrow to go to their house in the afternoon to join her family I went with her. This year we didn't planned anything on her birthday, it just came up that we can have a date today! We arranged to meet in Virra Mall where she'll be rounding up tiangge there but when I arrived late she was there in front of me when I alighted from the vehicle making face at me lol!

I showed her the restaurant along with Tender Bobs Steak House and upon passing and rounding up around thrice we decided to eat at Las Paellas where of course Paellas are the house specialty. No we didn't ordered their specialty because Jen was craving for steak something, she wanted ala gourmet style but later content herself to Babyback Ribs while I ordered Porkchop Andaluz. Food are great except for the seasoning (they only served Knorr seasoning, not the usual special sauces and seasoning in a steak house)

Their iced tea were perfect, it has a very fresh taste unlike the usual iced tea served on some restos. For the dessert we had Mango Mambo and I can say it's so refreshingly good. See pictures here grabbed from her blog, Bes was too busy to send it to me so she told me to just grab them!


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