Ruth’s First Fruit Salad

>> Friday, October 31, 2008

Since it’s a holiday tomorrow I bought some food for the occasion, since my kids love pandesal I bought a bag full of pugon-baked goodies from Pan de Manila, I’ve picked the biggest size and some wheat type for me. For our lunch tomorrow I’ve only bought chicken because it’s their favorite together with barbeque which I intend to buy from the neighborhood barbeque house. For dessert I’ve picked some canned goods and creams for fruit salad. We all love salad from my Mom to my youngest Josh who has a taste for everything delicious meaning he has a big appetite!

I was relaxing myself watching television when Ruth volunteered to do the salad and since it’s a mix-everything-up recipe I let her do it with just basic instructions from me. She took after my flair in cooking and mixing food and little by little as she grows older she wants to try something new always. After mixing the salad she let me and her granny taste it then after our meticulous judgment (lol) she perfected the taste of her first ever fruit salad. We nearly ate one third of the mixture before she stored it in the freezer, yes she’s done it perfectly!


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