Cooking For Bible Study

>> Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I left the office earlier than usual because we’re hosting the weekly Wednesday bible study in our church. No one’s going to cook for me as I don’t have any helper. Mom was offering to lend me a cooking hand but I told her I will just go home earlier because she will get tired. I’ll cook 5 kilos of menudo and I think that’s heavy on my Mom. I’ll be needing her master taste in food though! When I reached the house Mom has already fixed and get all things ready for me, she’s really a dear Mom! I’m so blessed having her as my mother, not only a good cook but a loving mother and a good teacher to my kids as well! I reached the house at 3:30pm and at 5:00 pm my food was cooked.

I still need to place it in food keepers for easy traveling. Nice that my mother-in-law is always in-charge of cooking and bringing 6 kilos of rice because that’s also hard to cook evenly! I’ve brought Gen along with me so I’ll have someone to assist me, she’s an angel when it comes to helping me! We reached the church just in time for the starting up and during dinner churchmate told me that my menudo taste really good! Such compliments!


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