Mat and Josh

>> Thursday, August 7, 2008

Mat visited us together with his Mom & Dad (my brother and SIL). We’re always excited whenever we saw him because we didn’t see him on a daily basis and he’s such a very active and smart kid. Josh and Mat were very fond of each other and every time they see each other they play endlessly and with much eagerness for each other’s frolics. This time they ran and ran and played rough, they almost circled the whole running and laughing all the way from terrace to kitchen. When they played ball we asked them to move away from lights and vases. Actually we can’t concentrate on what we’re discussing and I just turned my attention to these two little funny boys. I asked them to stop awhile and pose for me because I want a picture of them together. They easily gave in and posed but I had a hard time as they kept on moving all along the pictorial. Boys are boys really!


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