Personal Effectiveness and Team Building Seminar

>> Tuesday, July 15, 2008

One of the seminars that has made me understand and realized the inner person in my officemates was our seminar in Personal Effectiveness and Team Building. In my previous seminars I never had a chance to fully concentrate on being a seminar participant because as an Administrative Officer in our company I’m the one in-charge of preparing and ensuring that all things are ready for the company seminars being held. In this particular training I had an opportunity to really participate and know deeply the purpose of that seminar. Purpose is for us to realize each other’s worth and how each member of the team is important to the group.

It’s really a nice and overwhelming experience as we go through the activities which enable us to work as partners and teams. There’s an activity which necessitate us to sacrifice ourselves for the benefit of others. It encouraged us to let go of ourselves and in the process realizing each other’s abilities, disabilities, weakness and strengths. It was truly a memorable experience and I thanked the trainor for a job well done.

Here are some pics to remember:


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